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Lucrum Holdings is solely focused on its clients and excellent maintenance of its facilities at the Conrey Business Center property.  The Conrey Business Center is located on the far east side of Sharonville, Ohio, just to the north of Cincinnati and just to the south of Dayton.  Situated between I-71 and I-75 and just on the northern edge of I-275, the Conrey Business Center is perfectly positioned for its clients.

This professional office center is in a great location with quick access to places like Kenwood Towne Center and Deerfield Towne Center.  It is centrally located and surrounded by manufacturing, health care and technology centers and is positioned to be near all major highways for quick access to its client's customers.

In addition to offering on-site property management, the amenities at the Conrey Business Center include fiber connectivity to its facilities, professionally maintained cleaning, landscaping, snow removal and lighting.  It is clear not only why clients choose the Conrey Business Center for their business, but why they stay.  Our average time occupied is 12 years and we have a 93% occupancy rate.  Very few professional office properties can make that claim.


Lucrum Holdings exists to support the professional setting that its clients call their work home to a high standard making it a place, not only conducive to a great level of productivity, but also with the goals of convenience and comfort, and a place where its clients are proud to bring their customers.

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